I don’t think applies only to godspouses, but to anyone who wants deity involvement in their life. It amuses me that it mentions Lokeans, as it seems like people who work with/for Loki are coming out of the woodwork since that movie came out..

Adventures in Vanaheim

It has come to my attention that there are certain individuals who seem to believe that coercing a deity into a spousal relationship (assuming it’s even possible) is a good idea. One such individual posted at The Cauldron forum today, bemoaning the fact that they “want Loki to love [them]”, were “looking up new rituals I could use to try to marry Loki and become a godspouse” and  that they were “overcome with jealousy” because they had read about another person’s detailed experiences with Loki.

I did write my own response to this, but TC member Darkhawk said it with way more eloquence than I ever could, so I am posting the entire response here (with permission):

Okay, first thing: back the everliving fuck up and get a grip. You sound like a teenager who wants to know what spells to use to get Tom Cruise to marry her…

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~ by Alex on July 12, 2012.

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    I think I need to leave off the post I’m working on to talk about how people really shouldn’t /want/ to be god spouses.

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