No Time Like the Present and Shrine Project

So, while I was away this past week visiting Boyfriend, my home had the misfortune of being broken into. Happily, nothing of true value of mine was taken—I lost my change jar—and no one was harmed. My roommate was not so lucky, as both of her laptops were stolen before the thieves disappeared. As if this were not upsetting enough, they came through my bedroom window. I’m having a hard time feeling comfortable in my room and am currently too nervous to unlock my window after finding the screen up and my curtains on the lawn [apparently the police missed this when they came, which boggles my mind…unless the thieves came back a second time].

There has been a flurry of activity around the apartment since I’ve gotten home and it’s all a reaction to the break-in. A roommate changed the locks. We’ve all been putting locks/latches on our doors so the room is either locked when we leave or we can lock ourselves in. It’s a bizarre feeling.

I’m particularly grateful that Mr. Mister’s altar was untouched save for the drawer underneath it being opened. I had visions of it being trashed and items like the pricey bottle of whiskey gone. If He had any hand in keeping my stuff safe, it is very much appreciated.

It was gently pointed out to me that I had not warded my home, which is the truth. The truth also is that I have little to no idea what I’m doing in that particular department. I don’t have much magical skill beyond grounding, centering, and maybe doing a small glamor.

Boyfriend gave me some good ideas of what to do and I’m planning on implementing what he gave me—energetic saran wrap on the doors/windows and items charged with watching over those entryways. I picked up tiny plastic skulls last night to hang in the windows and on the doors and I am waiting on the mail to bring me a whole mess of green army men to put around the house. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on what I can do energetically to ensure my house is safe and I’m sure I’ll have more to write about as I get everything up and running.

I need to clean the house and reclaim the space as mine, which I did a little bit of when I got home Tuesday night, but there needs to be more. It’s funny, what I think saved my items-of-worth [my DSLR, an external hard drive, etc] was that my room was a huge mess. However, it needs to be cleaner in a number of ways.

But, I have to learn fast and thoroughly. I don’t have the luxury of kicking this around for weeks until I feel like I’ve gathered enough information [totally my m.o.], as I’m terribly nervous that the intruders will come back. As I said, I’ve never done much magic or energy work. I can ground and center, move some energy, kinda shield, and do a minimal glamor, but that’s about it…but it seems that’s all I really need to know to move forward. I think I get intimidated, as I’m friends with some pretty powerful magicians. I feel like a little kid playing with the grown-ups tools. I suppose I need to get over that and quick. I’ve learned how to do all sorts of other things, I can learn how to do this.

So that’s that.

The figurine for the Sekhmet shrine arrived and, while it’s smaller than I thought it would be, it will serve. I picked up a wooden half-crate last night at Michael’s [chain craft store] along with the skulls and now need to find the time to paint/decorate it. I need to go back out and pick up a few more things for it so it looks like something that’s fitting and that She would enjoy.

Anyways, lots of lessons learned and hopefully these are some mistakes that won’t be repeated. Until I’ve gotten everything up and functioning, I’ve asked Mr. Mister for some help keeping the house safe and He seems to have obliged. I’m a lucky boy.


~ by Alex on October 4, 2012.

9 Responses to “No Time Like the Present and Shrine Project”

  1. Wow, that’s awful :< I am always afraid of my house getting broken into.
    If it's helpful, I have a guide on the basics of warding that you can look through- it may help to give you ideas on how you could set up some wards. I have another friend who is actually in a similar situation- there have been break-ins around her neighborhood, and she's hoping to amp up her warding to prevent any break-ins. What I had suggested to her was to focus on making your house look scary (energetically speaking- so that the person gets the vibe of 'i really don't want to go in there'), or to make her house invisible- so that the person walks right on by. Or, to do a combination of both (make the house invisible, but if the person decides to poke around anyways, they see the spikes and change their mind). She is also working with local land spirits to up the protection of the area. And of course, there is the mundane aspects of talking with neighbors, making sure people keep an eye out for your house, etc. etc. If you needed any help or ideas on what you could do, let me know 🙂

  2. Well, that sucks. I’m glad they didn’t mess with your altar stuff, though, and that you didn’t lose anything except the change jar (which is annoying enough.)

  3. Think of it as putting a shield up, just around your house instead of your person

  4. It seems you and I are in a similar situation. While you have been broken in, a rash of break-ins have been happening in my neighborhood. It was pretty jarring to read your post after learning about the break-ins in my neighborhood.

    I found Devo’s warding posts (thetwistedrope) to be excellent in making me feel more empowered and taking over my home as well as keeping it safe. I also looked into help from other areas, and I thought Dusken’s post about wards was helpful:

  5. A possible warding could take the form of a glamour. Instead of ‘invisible’ think about going ‘not worth the effort.’

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