I have this particular pair of underwear that Boyfriend likes and that amuse my greatly. They are technically women’s underwear, but I wear them, so they can’t just be for women. They are black briefs with white piping and across the backside in script it says ‘Badass’. I love them lots.

I’ve published more pictures of my ass to this blog than have ever appeared anywhere else. Taken by Wintersong Tashlin, of

For awhile they lived with Boyfriend, since I forgot them at his house on one of my visits, but they came north with him this past weekend when he came up to Connecticut. We were headed to a party where people would be doing all sorts of kinky things to each other and we planned to partake as well.

Now, Mr. Mister apparently told Boyfriend to show me a good time. This worried me just a little bit, as Mr. Mister’s idea of a good time has proven to be a bit different than mine now and then. I decided to go with it, as I was kind of hellbent on having a good time as it was the first time I’d been out for something social and fun in months, thanks to school and work.

Something perhaps Boyfriend didn’t know, and I can’t remember if I told him or not, was that almost a week earlier, Mr. Mister had told me that I would have to show off my tattoo. I didn’t really know if He meant ‘be naked’ or just to show it to people I’m fine showing people the tattoo, butI don’t really do naked in public, even for kinky things. Stripped down, yes. In my underwear, yes. But naked? No thank you.

I acknowledged it and refused to stress about it, deciding that the better choice would be to see how things turned out and to see if there was an opportunity for me to show it off. I didn’t really give much consideration to having to be naked in public, as I didn’t want to walk into the party feeling on edge.

We are at the party and I show off the tattoo here and there. Fine, no problem. Boyfriend and I go to play and I suddenly know that I am supposed to be naked, but I do nothing about it as it wasn’t a ‘get naked, boy’ kind of thing. It was just a sort of passing thought, as if it were something to amuse Mr. Mister with.

I’m in my badass underwear and we pull them down a little bit for a little bit of fun and then they go back up.

They refuse to stay up. Every time I move and every time something is done to any area even near my ass, they slip down. They aren’t too big for me and they in fact fit me quite closely, as you can see above. If it wasn’t clear before, it was abundantly clear then; they had to go.

So, off they came and I found myself naked in public, which was a cherry for me. I spent a lot of mental energy not thinking about being naked. Boyfriend asked me later how it went and all I could really do was shrug, as that’s about how I feel about it. It wasn’t a huge deal, but it’s not something I really want to seek out and do, except that Mr. Mister wants me naked in public. Hooray?

The tattoo is important to Him. It’s largely about Him marking me, though I know He’ll be marking me more, too. It’s also about not keeping any parts of my identity secret. If you see it, and you are a part of the subcultures I am, you know what it means. It was also an act of obedience that He apparently wasn’t sure I was going to follow through on, but I did and I’m proud that I made Him happy with that. Of course, I’m pretty happy that I pleased Him by getting naked in a club full of queers and letting Boyfriend do wonderfully horrible things to me.

It’s nice when our priorities line up like that.


~ by Alex on October 27, 2012.

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