Boyfriend is having a major, life-changing surgery in December and has a lot of needs that he can’t meet on his own, both monetarily and otherwise. Please consider contributing in whatever way is comfortable for you. Anything helps.

Sex, Gods, and Rock Stars

Friends, family (of blood and of choice), colleagues and clients, fans and stalkers:

Rave and I find ourselves in the position of the Tarot’s Fool; on the edge of a cliff about to start out on a new chapter of life’s adventure. In August, I separated from my spouse and ended our ten year relationship due mostly to his repeated infidelity. Rave found herself struggling with the longest stretch of unemployment since she entered the workforce. Together, we happened to be in a place where strengthening our four-year relationship and uniting forces made it easier to face the dark uncertainties ahead.

We have been blessed with the assistance of friends and family as we struggled to get on our feet. At first, our friends Spark and Fuego gave me a place to stay so I could move out of my spouse’s house immediately, and were supportive when my health situation…

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~ by Alex on November 17, 2012.

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