Being in a relationship with a God Who has no pictorial representation has provided more of a challenge than I thought it would, but this is an excellent way to frame it.

A Forest Door

Today Sannion was talking about some folks’ limited conceptions of Dionysos, and how we relate to artistic representations of the god, and he made this point:

“Dionysos is more than just some handsome bearded dude with a crown of ivy, come hither eyes and lips wet with wine. He may show himself to you like that but he’s not limited to just that one mask, that one form. When you can see a dozen such masks, a hundred simultaneously then you’ll get at something of the truth of what Dionysos is.”

Which is very true, of course. But I want to take it a step further. We are naturally very visually-oriented creatures, living in an extremely visually-oriented culture. I think most if not all of us tend to picture our gods when we think of Them, when we pray to Them. We may have a favorite artistic image, we may…

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~ by Alex on March 11, 2013.

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