Back? Maybe.

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated here. That’s partially because I have not-much to write about and partially because my life has been very full and busy up until about a week ago. Not too long after the last entry, I essentially put the brakes on most things in my life while I finished up the semester and dealt with at least one personal crisis. Now it’s time to pick everything back up and start again.

I won’t even get into the awful guilt and shame I feel for shelving so many things that are important to me, or how much of a failure I feel like because that will get me nowhere and, really, it’s not that pretty to read about. I can say, though, is I am preparing to enter another period of introspection and am working to pick up where I left off. I have another tattoo for the Mister planned, once I finalize the design, and I’ve spent the last two days researching another major [for me] purchase for Him. Even though I’ve largely been absent, He has never been far from my thoughts.

My summer is shaping up to be busy. It’s going to be full of hopefully getting ready to transfer to the school I want to be at, whipping the house into shape and getting rid of the detritus of the semester [which is considerable], some travel, and trying to have..what is it called? Fun.

Most of my writing is private right now, but it’s my hope to tackle some public stuff soon. It is flattering that, after having not updated in over a month, I’m still getting a LOT of hits daily. Thank you for reading.


~ by Alex on May 28, 2013.

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