This is not really a blog post.

Instead, it is kind of a quickie.

It has become clear today, through some careful budgeting, that, if I do not want to eat beans out of a can every night for the foreseeable future, I have to find a way to make more money regularly due to spiritual commitments. I am going to be petitioning the Mister that, if He would like me to do all the things He’s asking me to do that cost money, He needs to provide or help me find more opportunities for dollar collecting. The obvious solution in the moment is to either pick up more overtime or a temporary second job, but that leads into..

I am having incredibly intrusive, very sudden and fast-moving health stuff that thus far has no explanation. I have seen my doctor and a bunch of tests have been ordered and we are waiting on results, but I am quite literally developing new, weird things on practically a daily basis that could be new symptoms, but could also, as always, be coincidences. The not knowing is very stressful. The top-of-the-list problem on a long damn laundry list of issues is incredible, unending fatigue/exhaustion, which would make taking on more hours at the day job or taking a second job very, very difficult at the moment until this is managed, but I may have to suck it up and deal regardless. Or I eat beans.

And, some Things have been happening. I am waiting to see how said Things play out–there has been an immense amount of divination and counseling happening in my world and it has been interesting. The common theme in both my holistic life and my spiritual life has become things being thrown at me at the last minute–the Work I’ve done and the client(s) I have gained in the last two weeks were very unexpected, all of these health issues, and some other things. It’s fascinating in a very frenetic-but-managed way.

There is an upcoming post sometime soon, hopefully, if I can pull myself together to write it, on ripping oneself open in pursuit of Work. As I said, it’s been interesting lately.


~ by Alex on July 4, 2013.

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