Where things are at.

It has been just over a month since I returned from sex/kink camp and, boy, has life taken off. I wrote about a bunch of stuff in the beginning of July, but it’s been fairly quiet here since then. Here’s a taste of what’s been going on.

In conjunction with my dear friend Wintersong Tashlin, I have been busy getting Gods’ Mouths 2.0 off the ground and into fruition. It has been roughly four or five days of frenzy to get it into public view after talking about it for several months. I’m pretty excited about the possibilities with this new project and the response we’ve had so far is incredible. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what people submit for publication and what I write for it myself.

The other big project that I’ve been working on has sort of come out of left field, but not really. I’ve known for years that this has been a Thing, but it’s only in the last few weeks that the knowing it’s a Thing has turned into time to make the Thing a reality. One of the first areas of anything magic-related that I was interested in when I started messing with pagan things was traditional conjure/rootwork. For whatever reason [read: the Mister wanted it to be a Thing], it is a modality that makes utter sense to me and has drawn and held my interest. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy for the last seven years [off and on] learning and practicing and experimenting with conjure work and, by divine directive, it’s time to get off my ass and start offering both services and products in that arena. It’s something I’m fairly nervous about and it deserves it’s own entry, which will happen soon enough.

With that in mind, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time pulling together a loose business plan and coming up with a name for said business and services-offering. It’s coming together nicely and I should have some products ready for sale by mid-August with a more complete line in the fall. I’ll be adding a page to this blog detailing the services I’m offering soon and an Etsy shop is currently being constructed. I’m looking for someone who can design me a simple banner and a simple logo on the fly, so if you’re interested, let me know. I can’t pay cash at this time, but I can barter for services and products.

I know I haven’t talked about Her much recently, but I have a festival for Sekhmet coming up at the end of August and I have no idea what I’m doing for that yet. I’ve been dragging my feet on finishing Her shrine and that absolutely MUST be done before the festival begins, so there’s that.

There are also a ton of other altar and shrine projects to deal with, too. The Mister’s altar has grown too big for the small table it was on, so I bought something more suitable that needs setting up. There also needs to be a working altar set up for client work and product work, as well as at least two, maybe three, more shrines for several Spirits. One of them makes total sense with what I do for my day job [Santisma Muerte], one makes total sense for some of the client work [and personal work] that I’m doing [Our Lady of Sanity], and one that I hadn’t even heard of until a week ago that also makes total sense. I have no idea where any of these are going to go, but I suppose I’ll figure it out.

There is also the issue of being more ‘out’ as a pagan and spirit-worker. I’m pretty damn out as queer and trans* and poly and as a pervert, but I’ve really kept my spiritual beliefs to myself, mostly. That, however, is being slowly chipped away. I knew it was coming and that it was inevitable. I suppose I’m glad that it’s happening when there’s a billion other things to do so that I can’t think about it too much.

I’ve also been chasing down the medical stuff. I just saw my doctor yesterday and there are no answers as of yet. I had a medical test done and the results were inconclusive, so I have to have a more invasive test done instead, which does not thrill me. I see another specialist next week and we’ll see how that goes. Part of the issue with doing all the things that I listed out above is that I’m not feeling that great physically, so pushing along is only leaving me more tired. But, I am getting things done and that feels good.

It has been fairly tiring with how fast things have amped up. I remarked to someone last night that I haven’t really had any free time lately. Pretty much all my time awake is dedicated to something spiritual in nature. Even when I try to do nothing more than mess around on the internets, I end up researching something or having a new idea for the business or for a blog post or I get sidetracked writing something or whatever. I need to start consciously setting aside time to do things that are not even remotely spooky before I go completely nuts. I know part of the push right now is to get as much accomplished as I can before the next semester starts. I would really, really like the business to be mostly good to go by then, but that may be a pipe dream. If things keep chugging along in the direction that they are and my medical situation stays the same, I’m going to need an assistant to take care of pesky things like laundry and cleaning so that I can do things like make products and do homework and sleep.

Things are busy. Things are good. I’ve got a lot on my plate, but I don’t think it’s too much to do. It feels nice to have a full to-do list, rather than listlessly wandering around my house wondering what’s waiting for me around the corner. I’m hoping to do a bit more writing in the next few days, both for here and for Gods’ Mouths 2.0 as well. Onward!


~ by Alex on August 1, 2013.

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