“You don’t know anyone like you should, or like you think you do.”

The title was something I was hit with from Someone last night and it fascinates me. I think it is totally on target and now it is up to me to decide what to do with/about it. I am positively grateful for the holy clue-by-four.

My life keeps taking unexpected left turns. I’m not unhappy about this in the least, as I prefer to live in ‘interesting’ and ‘busy’ rather than ‘boring’ and ‘at loose ends’. It’s not upsetting, either. I think what it is, though, is a bit unsettling.

In the past two months I have gotten smacked in the face with the reality that my life is not my own anymore. Technically, my life has not been my own for just about four years, but it’s only been recently that this has been put into play. It wasn’t a surprise at all, but it was a dose of reality in ways that I was both prepared for and unprepared for. I was prepared for increased responsibility and increased Work, but I didn’t think I was ready. Apparently, Someone disagreed. I was not prepared, however, for the total takeover of my life. I can say with absolute certainty that, in the past week, I have done nothing solely for fun that has lasted for more than fifteen minutes. Everything has been hijacked. If I am futzing on the computer, I am researching or writing or trying to find out if the library has sources I need or doing other things related to spiritual Work. If I am sitting still, I am stringing various organic material to hang up and dry. If I am productive and get shit done, I get a reprieve and get to fiddle with something mindless for a few minutes…after I do all the Work. The other day, I got to watch a TV show. I haven’t watched TV in months. However, I was doing Work while watching. Idle hands have no place in my life right now.

Another big curve ball got thrown at me a day or two ago. I was speaking with a friend and colleague about the new business I’m about to launch and was mentioning some of the services I’ll be offering and she immediately got slapped to tell me some things. Namely, there is Someone new hanging around that wants my time and attention and has Tasks for me to accomplish. I’m not 100% clear on who They are yet, but I know that They are an Orisha. I’m about 95% sure that myself and said friend have figured out who He is, but He is resistant to actually uttering His name. This is part of the puzzle I have to figure out right now.

He prefers to speak through divination methods that are traditional in Santeria, so I am seeking out a diluggun reader with the hopes that they will be able to assist me in discerning if I have figured out who He is and am using the right name. I mean, I think there’s only two possibilities and that one of them is glaringly obvious, but it would not be the first time that I have been incredibly wrong. I’m surface-familiar with the accessible parts of Santeria, but I will admit to being very worried that this will put me on a path towards initiation, which is not something that I want very much. At a very base level, I can’t afford it.

But, it’s useless to worry about that since it’s not something that’s going to fall out of the sky in the here and now. What is pressing is that I get my stuff in order even more than it already is. If I am correct in who He is, He’s a taskmaster and not Someone who you want to cross in the least. I’m attributing the sudden NOW NOW NOW feelings that I get about rather mundane tasks [clean everything deeply—we’re talking scrubbing walls—and re-ward the house] to Him. I feel like I’m getting shipped off to boot camp, which may not be an inaccurate description at all.

He wants me to learn a traditional [in His world] method of divination, which is interesting, and I’m pushing forward for getting the supplies and resources together to begin that journey. He hasn’t requested anything else specific from me and said colleague got the impression that my attention and frustration were enough in the moment. Still, I feel like I was being very rude if He, even though I am not one hundred percent certain who He is, did not have a place in my home after taking the time to communicate with me and showing interest in something larger than a casual interaction. So, I will set up a space for Him, even if it remains empty for the time being.

I sent a query towards the Mister about this and got a typical response, which is to say not much. He doesn’t really seem to say anything if a) it’s something that He approves of or has set up or b) it’s left up to me with what to do with it. I’m pretty certain for a variety of reasons that if this Someone was treading on ground that was not His to tread on, I would have heard something by now. Still, I’ll seek out the divination and hopefully get a clearer picture than I have no. I have to say, some of the stuff I’m hearing is rather overwhelming. But, again, too early to worry.

I’m going to carve out some time tonight to write for Gods’ Mouths 2.0 [do you want to write? I know you’ve got something to say..] and begin to write the copy for the business stuff. Even though my life is uber busy right now, I am blessed beyond belief and I haven’t lost sight of that.


~ by Alex on August 5, 2013.

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