Sekhmet: Opening Her Shrine

I was Told not that long ago that I would maintain a public shrine to Sekhmet. It seems fitting that, as the new Kemetic year begins, I make that a reality.

With that in mind, 2013’s celebration of the Festival of Drunkenness will mark the opening of the publicly available shrine to Sekhmet that is housed in my home. It is a shrine in development, meaning that it has not yet reached a state where She has deemed it complete. Within the next year, a new statue will be commissioned at Her request and a new shrine housing will be consecrated. For now, it is a humble shrine that is housed in my private space.

As part of the celebration of the Festival of Drunkenness, I will not only be opening the shrine but offering to say prayers to Sekhmet on your behalf, placing your petitions to Her on Her shrine, placing your offerings at Her shrine, and offering divination under Her watchful eye.

All services, save for the placing of offerings, are free of charge. If you would like a physical offering placed, there will be an associated charge for the materials and nothing more.

I am accepting prayer requests, petitions, and requests for divination at alex dot bettencourt at gmail dot com. All requests must be received by Saturday, August 24th at 3PM.

If you are interested in having a specific offering placed on your behalf, please contact me at the above email address by no later than Friday, August 23rd at 3PM. Should you choose to have a physical offering placed, photographic proof of the placement of your offering will be provided.

If you choose to have divination performed on your behalf, you will receive a summary of the outcome within 24 hours.

If you would like to honor Sekhmet on your own on the feast day, a love offering/donation in Her honor can be made to the National Domestic Violence Hotline or LionAid.

If you’d like to receive services from the shrine, but are unsure or unprepared to do so at this time, one day per month will be set aside for divination, prayer requests, the placing of offerings, and petitions.


~ by Alex on August 21, 2013.

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