Sorry, it’s Not All Love and Light

I don’t post too much about my conqure work (and maybe I should rremedy that), but this is an excellent post on what the real roots of conjure look like. I talk a lot about how I do what I call ‘working dirty’, meaning that I do a lot of stuff and work with a lot of people that my fellow conjure workers don’t, won’t, or can’t. It’s not good or bad, it just is, as everyone has their limitations, both personally and divine. But, I see the disconnect that the author writes about–people who won’t touch negative work because they believe it is outside of conjure work or outside of it’s mostly Christian roots. I mean, I read the psalm that’s attached and grinned, because it’s not too far off from what I prayed over a negative working not that long ago. It’s a mistake to think that conjure and the Christianity it’s rooted in is benign or lacking the dark vastness that all systems of magic contain.

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I’m sorry, but all the love and light stuff, as New Age and Neo-Pagan beliefs infiltrate Hoodoo, is really starting to bother me. There are books, blogs, and online groups promoting the philosophy that there is nothingnegative in Hoodoo. That Hoodoo is it all about cleansing, blessings, healing, and protection. There can be nothing further from the truth. It defies logic. Life simply does not work that way. In order to have good, you have to have bad. How else would you have a reference point for good? It spans all religions and philosophies, and I am growing weary of people wanting to turn our practice (and life in general) into an unrealistic fairy tale.

To say there is nothing negative in Hoodoo is a very lose and dangerous oversimplification. When someone comes to you so they can be blessed because someone is making their life a living hell…

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~ by Alex on September 28, 2013.

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