I wrote a brief retrospective on the past year last week, but it’s really time to get in gear as the calendar is changing this week for the New Year. I am more excited for New Year’s this year than I think I have ever been.

At base, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day marks a fresh start. The date changes and everything from the past calendar year is metaphorically left behind to make way for the possibilities that the next year will bring. It’s traditional to do a LOT of cleaning and cleansing to wash away the old and welcome in prosperity, clarity, and luck in the New Year.

For me, tomorrow begins the physical preparations for this change in earnest. I spent tonight weeding out a lot of old papers and junk from the last year and I’ll continue that tomorrow as well. I’ll also begin a deep physical and spiritual cleaning of my home, starting with the physical. Floors and walls will be scrubbed, windows will be washed, and trash and unwanted/unneeded items will be made ready for disposal. In my tradition, the physical is mixed with the spiritual, so a lot of my cleaning products will be of the spiritual variety—there’s a specific wash I’ll use for the floors and walls and I’ll be magic-ing up some spray for the windows.

On Tuesday, I’ll do a spiritual cleanse on all the parts of the house I have access to [I have roommates] and lay down some special protections for the night. I’ll also clean all my altars and lay down some special offerings for all my Powers, which will involve some cooking. I’m unfortunately working at my paycheck job that night, but I’ll be doing a special cleansing bath before I go and will raise the eyebrows of my coworkers by wrapping my head to protect it through the night. I’ll probably fast overnight except for water and maybe a special tea.

When I get home in the morning, the first thing I will do is make a special offering to my Father, Elegua, so that He will open the roads necessary for me to succeed in this new year. That will necessitate a trip to a crossroads. After that, I will come home and do another bath, this time for luck, prosperity, and blessings in 2014. I’ll spend some time adjusting the wards and shields on my home and do a little divination before I go to bed. When I wake, I’ll eat some Hoppin’ John and cornbread as my first meal of the New Year and spend my time before going to my paycheck job doing things that I want to be successful at in 2014.

I’ll also be doing some personal magical work, too. The calendar New Year is a really auspicious time to do magical work, as it is a time of collective potential that is not just recognized by one person, community, or working group but is held by Western society at large. This operates as a great battery and potentiator for workings and I intend to take full advantage.

In addition to that work, I’ll be petitioning the Mister, my Father, and Sekhmet for some things that I need. I’m ready to make my case to the Mister and believe I’ve got it together enough to illustrate my needs to Elegua and Sekhmet. Fingers are crossed that They see my needs in the same light that I do!

I don’t do resolutions for a variety of reasons, but I’ve set some goals for 2014 and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to meet many of them. I’ve accomplished more in the last few months than I thought and am ending 2013 on a surprisingly high and positive note, so I’m super thrilled to turn the calendar and carry all that good stuff over.

If you are taking advantage of the Western New Year for spiritual or magical work, may it be successful and fulfilling. May your Powers bless you in this turn of the calendar and may you walk in prosperity and love in 2014!

~ by Alex on December 29, 2013.

One Response to “Excitment!”

  1. Huzzah for tapping into that collective well of energy! Glad to see I’m not the only one who recognizes how much power and potential we have available at this time of year. Blessings on your goals for the coming year!

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