Upcoming ritual opportunity.

Next Saturday evening, I’ll be hosting my first public ritual. I’m pretty nervous, but I’ve got a great ritual team behind me and I’m really only waiting on finding one key volunteer to make it fly.

The purpose of the ritual is to take advantage of the cultural association of that weekend [Valentine’s Day] and do work aimed at drawing love and passion into our lives. It is being held at a large-ish kink event that does some blending between sex, kink, and spirituality [link is definitely NSFW] and I expect many of the attendees not to have the same sort of spiritual background as I do, so it’s been a very interesting process of constructing a ritual [with lots of help!] that will connect with people who are both spiritually experienced and who have no spiritual background at all.

I am opening the ritual to petitions from folks who won’t be attending the event who would like a place on the altar. Though the aim of the ritual and working will be drawing love and passion with a focus on sex, sexuality and sexual expression, and relationships, petitions to draw passion in other areas—art, inspiration, etc—are appropriate and welcome. Your petition will be written out, dressed with an appropriate oil, and placed on the altar with a candle burned specifically for petitions from a distance. After the ritual, all the petitions will return home with me and be burned in a ritual fire [can’t have an actual fire in a hotel conference room..].

If you’re interested in having a petition placed on your behalf, either leave a note here or email me privately at rockofeyeblog at gmail dot com. I’ll be checking email up until the morning of the ritual. There’s absolutely no cost associated with this at all and I’m pleased to be able to offer this for folks who can’t be there.

If you’re going to be at the event, please don’t hesitate to come and say hi!


~ by Alex on February 7, 2014.

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