Polytheist Leadership Conference!

I don’t think I’ve posted about this here yet, but I’ll be attending the Polytheist Leadership Conference this summer. I’m pretty happy to be teaching about addiction and how that affects polytheists and polytheist community, and I’m extra happy about the fact that my class is going to turn into a book project.

I’m also hosting a casual salon/get-together/unwind-with-your-fellow-attendees time Saturday evening with drinks (both alcoholic and non) and light snacks. 

Sadly, however, my salon co-host and weekend roommate will be unable to attend as we had previously planned. That means I’m on the hunt for a few things:

  • A roommate. I am a poor, underpaid spirit-worker who can’t afford to foot the bill for a hotel room all by myself, but could easily afford to split a room. I arrive Thursday evening-ish and leave Sunday night or Monday morning (my plans are flexible at the moment), and I am happy to share with someone for all of those nights, or just Friday/Saturday. 
  • A co-host for Saturday evening’s get-together. Your job would entail making sure the snacks are out and arranged well, making sure there’s ice etc, and generally helping assure that people have a good time. I’m happy to barter for your assistance with making sure the other attendees enjoy their Saturday evening.

If you’re into sharing a room or helping out on Saturday evening, you can leave a note here or email me at alex dot bettencourt at gmaio dot com.


~ by Alex on June 1, 2014.

3 Responses to “Polytheist Leadership Conference!”

  1. I’ll see what I can do about getting some of our ground crew to help set up for the party.

  2. Hey, Sannion just pointed me here, that you need a roommate for the weekend, and my train gets in to Poughkeepsie on Thursday afternoon and leaves Monday afternoon (I was planning on getting to Fishkill via some combination of Dutchess Cty bus and taxi). If that still works for you, my email address is oddmodout@hotmail.co.uk.

  3. […] we put a session on the schedule for diviners to do their thing opposite the party being hosted by Alex Bettencourt but, as Galina mentioned in her post Getting Ready for the Conference, we will be getting a room at […]

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