As I prepare for kanzo, I have re-opened my tiny esoteric business to help me along the way. I’ve been selling privately for awhile, and am now offering products regularly at my Etsy page, via my Tumblr, and on Facebook. Toolbox Tuesday will feature one of my handmade products each week, with notes about use and how it works. 


King’s Conjure & Curio Sweet Dreams Oil, 2016

I like this oil a lot, quite honestly, but that’s easy to say about any of my oils because they are mine, after all. It’s got a great fragrance that is assertive without being overbearing, and I love how the oil looks when bottled with the various botanicals it contains, all suitable for incubating dreams and increasing dream clarity.

What I like most of all, though, is that it works. It REALLY works. In fact, I was a bit surprised at how well it works. It is a cool, non-aggressive oil but, it has got a depth of power in it that I haven’t experienced in other dream or psychic vision related oils. I’ve tried a bunch of them over the years and always got fair-to-middling results–I would dream, but it wouldn’t have the oomph I really wanted it to. Details might be a little bit fuzzy, or I would remember the dream in snippets that didn’t make sense without a larger context. Dreaming is the primary way I speak with my divinities both inside and outside of vodou, and so it’s important to me that my dreams are fostered and given as much backstage support as possible.

For me, having dream support sort of lifts the veil on my sleep, which provides the clarity and depth of vision I want. That in turn allows me to dream with my lwa and other spirits unbothered by the intrusion of whatever parts of me are restless when I sleep.

When I was filling bottles with Sweet Dreams Oil, I accidentally got some on my hands. Since it’s not an oil I worry about being contaminated by, I just rubbed it into my (bald) head and thought nothing of it. That night, I had the most in-depth, vivid dream that I have experienced in at least the last month. It gave me a lot of details on a situation that I need to act on, and showed me the solution. That alone tempts me to use it every night, but I found that I didn’t need to–I ended up having super vivid dreams all this past week, without another application.

Manbo Mary bought a bottle and I got to watch her open it. She had a sniff, declared it lovely, and then used it later that night. The next day she wrote me a review, saying:

“I bought a Sweet Dreams oil from Alex and immediately I noticed the high quality scent and herbs. When I dabbed some on my temples and throat that evening, I had some very vivid dreams that made a lot of spiritual sense to me. I’m very pleased with the results I got from Alex’s oils and highly recommend them.”

Unsurprisingly, Manbo Mary has shared that she’s been having vivid dreams going forward from when she used it. Very happy about this positive experience.

I apply it directly to my skin, but it could also be used to dress candles burned to enhance dreams and dreamwork, added to a sachet for under your pillow, used in a bath, or perhaps lightly applied to a personal talisman that you keep close when you sleep.

If you’re looking to have deeper and more detailed dreams to gain insight into spiritual or religious practices and perhaps encounter your divine figures, it’s worth giving my Sweet Dreams Oil a shot, available at my Etsy shop, King’s Conjure & Curio, through the King’s Conjure & Curio Facebook (and like my page!), or message me here.

Every Tuesday, I’ll feature another product and it’s uses. All proceeds from sales right now go to my kanzo fund!


~ by Alex on April 19, 2016.

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